Why Partner with Pikpart?

PIKPART is an emerging automobile brand that has already built a reputation for ease of understanding and service to its customers!
In this age of Digital and fast-moving India, more and more businesses are moving online, hence we are making the services available to customer’s fingertip, which can help customers deal with all their automobile needs at an easy manner.

Join us in our journey to establish automobile service and maintenance business and get best managed and a modern business unit established with a hassle-free process.
Partner with Pikpart and make India moving fast.

Advantages to  join hands with Pikpart Group:
1. Online Customer Base: Franchisees will be awarded with online customer base with is supported with Pikpart service app.
2. Online Business Management: Franchisees would be able to manage their end to end business using our smart web-support app, wgich is equipped with several special business management features.
3. Smart Mechanic Support: Pikpart would be providing smartly trained mechanic support to it’s franchisees.
4. Product Support: Pikpart franchisees would be awarded with our in-house products like engine oil, greese, cables and other electrical parts.
5. Customer Support: Pikpart franchisees would have global customer support to handle customer complaints and for it’s resolution.
6. Warranty Support: Pikpart franchisees will be awarded with global India warranty support for automobile machines and it’s parts as well, as we reserve tie-up with CWI (Corporate Warranty of India).
7. In-House Insurance Support: Pikpart Franchisees would be having in-house casjless insurance support, as we reserves tie-up with National Insurance.

The essential requirement to be the part of Pikpart Franchisee:

1. Around 500 – 3500 Sq ft. of area
2. Initial investment could be varying from INR 3 Lakhs to INR 5 CRs of seed capital.
3. Minimum of 5-member team to service including pick and drop services
4. Enthusiastic to grow as an entrepreneur, ideally with strong financial backup but not necessarily
5. Professional and management experience (business or corporate), ideally automotive but not necessarily

Connect to Pikpart Franchisee Development Team:
Pikpart Franchisee Development Base Center
Aliganj Road, Tanda Ujjain
Kashipur, Uttarakhand – 244713
Call us on: +91 90279 14004

Online Application for Dealership
1. Fill and submit the online application form.
2. E-mail will be sent to requester and PIKPART both.
3. PIKPART franchise team will contact you for further course of action.

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