Pikpart Industrial Solution Vision

Pikpart Smart Service Network, India’s One of the Best, multi-brand Sales & Service network for Engineering, Technical and Automotive segment machinaries.

Pikpart Industrial Solution Mission

Pikpart aim to be India’s best multi-brand Sales & Service service provider in Engineering and automotive segment, and to be recognized for its transparent service, professional behavior, innovative & advanced technology enable services on affordable prices.

Pikpart understand your business need and is to offer concrete and cost effective services to improve your vehicle productivities.

Major Industrial problem we are going to solve

Major of automotive and other mechanical agreegators are dealing with hardship to operate smoothly with regular breakdown and it’s timely resolution, which covers an average of 40% of equipments/devices turns as not performing at some extent and generating huge impact on revenue, customers are facing grief due to such hazards though.

Pikpart is intending to provide the best possible resolution for such issues based on it’s years of cultivated industrial exposure and experience in individual’s equipment/device services.

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