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Changing your bike’s engine oil is one of the most basic automotive maintenance practices. very obvious is that engine is made of metals and it works over friction technology, so to minimize the aging decay of your bike engine’s life, we follow certain basic rules while changing the engine oil.

Applied procedure rules:

    1. Check the Oil and Oil filter recommended by the manufacturer.
    2. Run your engine for sometime before changing oil.
    3. Change oil always on our proprietary developed smart ramp.
    4. Drain the old engine oil completely.
    5. Cleaning of Oil filter by removing it and fixing back, if required we change accordingly.
    6. Add new Engine Oil, we mostly use our proprietary developed Engine Oil which is specially developed after years of researches.
    7. Start the engine and let it run for some time.
    8. Check the Oil level and document it for further notification to the customers.

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